Software-Defined Networking (SDN) startup Pica8 has won a deal to supply white-box switches to build the network fabric at the TouIX Internet exchange, based in Toulouse, France. The Pica8 white boxes will replace Cisco equipment in the deal, according to a TouIX technology expert.

It's a small deal, but it may be indicative of SDN's appeal to Internet exchanges. Marc Bruyere, researcher at LAAS CNRS and one of the technology developers for TouIX, said Pica8's Open Flow-based switches provided better performance, cleaner management, and the capability to enable Web-based provisioning for customers. 

"We really are vendor agnostic, that's what we wanted," said Bruyere in an interview with The Rayno Report. "Now we can buy from Pica8, Quanta, and other [white-box vendors] in the future."

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Arista Networks (NYSE: ANET) founder and CEO Jayshree Ullal has been selling Arista shares at a ferocious pace over the last six months, dumping about $60 million worth of stock, or 7% of her entire position in the company, since the beginning of the year. 

The sales have come during a powerful rally in the stock over the last two months. Arista was trading above $80 recently, after bottoming out around $60 in February. Shares slumped last fall and winter after Arista's chief rival, Cisco Systems, announced it was suing Arista for intellectual property theft. Ullal is a fomer Cisco executive who left the networking giant to start Arista.

The lawsuit, a rare one for Cisco, weighed on Arista shares for several months before investors started to shrug it off. Many Wall Street analysts have built in several millions of dollars in quarterly legals costs and an eventual settlement on the lawsuit, which might be in the triple-digit millions, in light of simliar technology lawsuits. A settlement in the hundreds of millions would have a signficant earnings impact on Arista but would not put it out of business. The company holds $500 million in cash and is profitable. 

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Silver Peak Systems, which has been known primarily as a Wide-Area Network (WAN) optimization player over the past few years, is adding Software-Defined WAN technology to its portfolio with a new SD-WAN controller and networking overlay product.

Earlier this week, the company introduced Unity EdgeConnect, a software product that allows enterprise customers to secure and optimize broadband Internet as a substitute for more expensive leased lines, such as those using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology.

Unity EdgeConnect creates a virtual network overlay, and it works with existing network infrastructure. Customers can use Unity EdgeConnect to secure and optimize broadband Internet as a WAN technology or employ a hybrid WAN approach that leverages both MPLS and broadband Internet. 

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Earlier this week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple unveiled its long-rumored reboot of Beats Music. In some respects, this day was one that many who have followed streaming music since its inception have anticipated and dreaded.

Many have waited for the day Apple, with its juggernaut marketing muscle and insatiable appetite to create a market out of thin air, got behind subscription music. Many posited that this would be the day that streaming music would finally come of age.

In the 13 years since Rhapsody introduced the first licensed subscription service, the product has been on the fringes of the mainstream. Even today, only 41 million people around the world pay for an on-demand music service.

Why the dread? Many in the business who have been here since the beginning felt that the day Apple came into the market, it would be game-over for them. Many believed that powerful Apple would take all the oxygen out of the market and there would be no room for other players in the field.

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Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) startup Viptela has landed Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) as a customer, where Viptela's technology will be used to deliver the Singtel ConnectPlus SD-WAN service.

The two companies say that "multiple enterprises" are in pilot deployments of services using Viptela technology, called the Secure Extensible Network (SEN), which enables customers to manage VPNs and applications policies through a combination of software and controllers. Singtel's ConnectPlus service will be available in Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Viptela was profiled in our "Future of Cloud WAN" report, released earlier this year for the bargain price of $650. The company has raised $33.5 million from Sequoia Capital. More than $360 million has been invested in cloud WAN startups, according to our report.

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This week in San Francisco, Apple is running its Worldwide Developers Conference, which affords it even more ways to hog the technology news cycle by announcing many new tech developments. Let's recap some of what's going on.

Many pundits already accuse Apple's WWDC as being a bit dull, filled with copycat moves such as offering multitasking on iPads (yawn). But, of course, the real news is the debut of the Apple Music subscription streaming music service, in a bid to take down market leader Spotify.

The Apple Music service launches on June 30 and will cost $9.99 a month, the same price as Spotify's ad-free subscription service. Spotify raised $400 million earlier this year at an $8 billion valuation, so it is currently perceived as the leader in music streaming. As we reported in February, Spotify announced that it had reached 15 million paying subscribers and 60 million total users in January of this year. 

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Airvana, long-time provider of mobile technology, is using Cloud RAN (C-RAN) mobile technology for small cells to provide a higher bandwidth 4G connection and more reliable wireless coverage in large public spaces. 

Today the company announced what it says is the first commercial deployment of C-RAN small cells, a technology that creates a pooled, cloud network tying together multiple small cells using two different frequency spectra to create a larger, more reliable coverage area that acts as one connection. Users get a mobile connection up to 66 Mbit/s.

By tying together multiple small cells and two separate wireless networks with a group of small cells, Airvana says that it can improve coverage.

Nex-Tech Wireless has deployed Airvana's OneCell C-RAN system in the 7,600-seat Gross Coliseum at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Hays, Kansas. 

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Apple Inc. is building its own high-speed network to deliver higher performance for its cloud services and may start using white-box switches, according to Bloomberg.

Apple will upgrade its private network connecting its data centers and cloud services such as iTunes, Siri, and its upcoming music streaming service, according to Bloomberg writer Peter Burrows, a regular on the networking beat.  To connect its data centers to the network, Apple is also considering using a Top of Rack (ToR) white-box switch that would include the Cumulus Networks operating system and be manufactured by Quanta, says the article, which can be read here

White-box switches use open, interchangeable components from a wide range of emerging vendors rather than relying on integrated solutions from major suppliers such as Cisco and Juniper. 

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You may be wondering about the viability of the market to support the 150 OpenStack technology startups. Well, there at least appears to be an exit strategy.

Three huge tech companies: Cisco, Oracle, and IBM, bought startups connected to OpenStack this week. OpenStack is the open-source cloud computing platform that lets anybody build Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Apparently the blueprint is to sell your company to Cisco, IBM, HP, or Oracle. 

The big techno-giants are gobbling up OpentStack players at a healthy pace. This week's deals included Cisco buying Piston Cloud Computing, the winner of one of our "fun cloud startup names" awards. IBM has acquired BlueBox, a private cloud provider based on the OpenStack platform. And Oracle bought the remnants of startup Nebula, a high-profile startup that had shut down in April.

It wouldn't be right to leave HP out here, as that company has been on an OpenStack craze as well. HP Helion products are based on OpenStack, and it has made a number of deals in this area, including buying Eucalyptus last year. HP was recently the top contributor to OpenStack, just ahead of Red Hat. 

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There has been a bevy of communications-chip merger activity that makes this sleepy technology sector look like a Kardashian party in Beverly Hills. What's behind it? Is easy money a factor? The Internet of Things? Envy?

Each of the above is a factor (apart from the Kardashians, who haven't yet expressed an interest in FPGA technology). Technology M&A reached a recent record in 2014 and appears to be accelerating. This is fueled by the open debt markets and the need for technology players to scale into new growth markets such as mobile and IoT.

The recent focus has been on the chip sector, where Avago Technologies is acquiring Broadcom, one of the preeminent communications chip companies in the United States, for $37 billion. And Intel has announced a $17 billion deal for Altera. 

Let's break down these deals and see what they mean. 

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eTouches Secures $10,000,000 New Round
  • Company: eTouches
  • Description: eTouches is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) provider to the $3.0 billion global, meeting and event technology marketplace.
  • Website:
  • Type: Venture Equity
  • Amount: $10,000,000
  • Round: Undisclosed
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  • Investors:

eXacly Lands $550,000 New Financing Round
  • Company: eXacly
  • Description: makes the world relevant. enables discovery, interaction, personalization and sharing across distributed networks of web sites, Facebook, platform, and soon - mobile.
  • Website:
  • Type: Debt
  • Amount: $550,000
  • Round: Undisclosed
  • Purpose: Proceeds purposes were not disclosed. SEC regulatory filing. Contact technology company for investment details, if applicable. Not an offer or solicitation for sale of securities.
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