If you think about what's happened the last 4-5 years in smartphones, it's truly remarkable. Apple has created an entirely new, multibillion-dollar franchise. Nokia and RIM's dominance have been severly damaged. And entirely new app and OS systems have been developed.

What's it all mean? As we surmised back in January, it probably means more pain for the legacy market leaders -- people such as Nokia, Ericsson, and RIM. Clearly their market-share is eroding, but more importantly they are losing their grips on OS and apps markets. Apps willd drive this market forward, and Apple and Google's Android are leading here.

With that, on to the news, which in the tech world today is dominated by smartphones:



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Furlocity Garners $1,200,000 New Funding Round
  • Company: Furlocity
  • Description: Furlocity was founded in 2012 and is run by Andy Smit, CO-Founder and CEO, Adam Bronte, Co-Founder and CTO and Amber Kirsten-Smit, Co-Founder and President. As pet parents ourselves we wanted to create some transparency within the pet care industry by helping pet owners easily find and book a pet care facility online.
  • Website: www.furlocity.com
  • Type: Venture Equity
  • Amount: $1,200,000
  • Round: Undisclosed
  • Purpose: Proceeds purposes were not disclosed.
  • Investors:

GameAnalytics Receives $5,500,000 Series A Funding
  • Company: GameAnalytics
  • Description: GameAnalytics exists to help developers make better games. Gaming is our lifeblood and our software is designed solely with game development in mind. We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but our team is international. Read more about the individuals involved below.
  • Website: www.gameanalytics.com
  • Type: Venture Equity
  • Amount: $5,500,000
  • Round: Series A
  • Purpose: Proceeds purposes were not disclosed.
  • Investors:

Zeel Networks Secures $325,000 New Financing
  • Company: Zeel Networks
  • Description: We created this site for health-conscious individuals looking for trusted information on health, wellness and beauty and an easy way to find and book the best practitioners in the business.
  • Website: www.zeel.com
  • Type: Debt
  • Amount: $325,000
  • Round: Undisclosed
  • Purpose: Proceeds purposes were not disclosed. SEC regulatory filing. Contact technology company for investment details, if applicable. Not an offer or solicitation for sale of securities.
  • Investors: