If you think about what's happened the last 4-5 years in smartphones, it's truly remarkable. Apple has created an entirely new, multibillion-dollar franchise. Nokia and RIM's dominance have been severly damaged. And entirely new app and OS systems have been developed.

What's it all mean? As we surmised back in January, it probably means more pain for the legacy market leaders -- people such as Nokia, Ericsson, and RIM. Clearly their market-share is eroding, but more importantly they are losing their grips on OS and apps markets. Apps willd drive this market forward, and Apple and Google's Android are leading here.

With that, on to the news, which in the tech world today is dominated by smartphones:



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Mashable Obtains $17,000,000 Series B Round
  • Company: Mashable
  • Description: Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.
  • Website: www.mashable.com
  • Type: Venture Equity
  • Amount: $17,000,000
  • Round: Series B
  • Purpose: The capital will allow Mashable to add over 100 employees, investing heavily in strategic growth areas such as video production across all formats and Mashable’s proprietary Velocity technology, while also continuing to bolster the breadth and depth of its editorial talent.
  • Investors:

Binary Event Network Garners $850,000 New Funding Round
  • Company: Binary Event Network
  • Description: Founded in January 2011 by a group of financial and media industry veterans, BEN combines a global financial exchange platform with proprietary real-time content to create a new interactive experience for live events. The company’s first product, TradeSports, is a pioneering global social sports app.
  • Website: www.benmarkets.com
  • Type: Debt
  • Amount: $850,000
  • Round: Undisclosed
  • Purpose: Proceeds purposes were not disclosed. SEC regulatory filing - amended. Contact technology company for investment details, if applicable. Not an offer or solicitation for sale of securities.
  • Investors:

Koru Lands $8,000,000 Series A Funding
  • Company: Koru
  • Description: Koru is an intensive business program that teaches college grads relevant skills in a real-work setting and gets them hired.
  • Website: www.joinkoru.com
  • Type: Venture Equity
  • Amount: $8,000,000
  • Round: Series A
  • Purpose: Koru will use the funds to continue to scale its rapidly growing programs, which are now available in Boston, San Francisco and Seattle, and invest in technology to drive an even broader impact on college graduates job prospects. The funding round brings total capital raised to date by Koru to $12.57 million.
  • Investors: