I'll try to spare you political rhetoric and speak in simple terms: The U.S. Federal budget is out of control. The deficit remains over a trillion dollars, interest costs are increasing, and if something extreme isn't done very soon it will enter a death spiral.

President Obama has put out a budget showing $3.8 trillion dollars in spending in 2011. The projected federal revenues are $2.1 trillion, creating a $1.7 trillion deficit. Huh? This is somebody who said he was heading back toward fiscal conservatism.

That's insane. Not only will the deficit run over a trillion dollars for the third consecutive year, but the total federal budget only four years ago was $2.5 trillion. Folks, the budget has increased 37% in four years!

What if you own budget did that? What if all of the sudden you were spending 30% more than you brought in? What if you were running a company whose revenues were $2.1 trillion but whose expenses were $3.8 trillion? You would try to bring it into balance, no?

Both parties are hiding their heads in the sand. We all know that the bulk of the money is spent on the entitlement programs and defense. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want to touch entitlements -- and the Republicans won't touch defense. So we're stuck.

No, they're sticking to rhetoric about ticky-tack discretionary programs that cost few billion there and a few billion here. It doesn't make a bit of difference. We're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts being needed.

And would it really be "Draconian" to go back, say, to a $2.6  trillion level of spending, which is what we were spending in 2007? Was the government really that much different then? Is it 37% better now?  I don't undersand how this can happen.

Radical change is needed now. Social Security and Medicaire reform is imperative. If you don't think so, just look at the chart below, produced by the independent CBO, and tell me the current Congress is on track to fix things.


Look at the chart above and tell me where the "draconian" cuts are. The budget is skyrocketing. The deficits are skyrocking. There are no draconian cuts.

The current path ain't going to do it. it's just common sense. Another year or two of deficits like this with rising interest rates, and the costs of servicing the debt feed on themselves. Let's get out of denial. Let's fix it.  

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